Wootton Tramway

The Brill Tramway or Brill branch, originally the Wotton Tramway, was a far-flung and little used single-track section of the Metropolitan Railway in Buckinghamshire, England. It closed to all traffic on 30 November 1935.Plans for an Oxford, Aylesbury & Metropolitan Junction Railway to extend the line from Brill to Oxford, ten miles away, were drawn up in 1883, but never taken forward.

In 1888 Parliamentary powers for a similar scheme were obtained by the Oxford & Aylesbury Tramway Company, which took over the tramway in 1894. In December 1899 the Metropolitan acquired a lease on the line, but never took up an option to buy it.
The Brill Tramway was closed on 30 November 1935 by the London Passenger Transport Board, which, having inherited the Metropolitan in 1933, closed all stations beyond Aylesbury to passengers. Metropolitan services between Aylesbury and Quainton Road were reinstated from 1943 to 1948. Quainton Road closed to passengers in 1963.

The tramway was initially operated by horses, and by its own steam locomotives from 1872 until

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