Rail Polska

Modernisation of the EM62 Locomotive, Carried Out by Rail Polska’s Rolling Stock Division in Włosienica2006-01-31
RAIL Polska Rail Rolling Stock Division in Włosienica has completed the modernisation of the first EM62 locomotive, and numbered it EM62-001. In 2006 the locomotive, after having undergone appropriate tests was qualified for service on PKP PLK SA lines. First movements performed by the prototype locomotive indicated that its parameters are much better than those of standard M62 locomotives. In 2006 completion of a further 6 EM62 locomotives is planned. The genesis of the EM62 project dates back to 2004. RAIL Polska purchased 36 M62 (ST44) locomotives in Estonia in order to meet its own growing demand for traction vehicles. The modernisation consists of exchanging key locomotive components for more modern types, coming from an American Electro-Motive Division locomotive. As a result, increased vehicle power, improved reliability, better technical and safety parameters, as well as improved fuel efficiency and loco driver work conditions have been achieved.

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