Dipo Lokomotif Semarang Poncol (SMC)





Kereta Api – Java

Jakarta city rail


Gares de la ligne 4


Around Lake Balaton 1991 – M61 Nohab and others

Selfkantbahn former Geilenkirchener Kreisbahn

The Geilenkirchen Kreisbahn (district railway) was an almost 38 km, metre gauge railway in the West of the present-day Federal State North Rhine-Westphalia. Geilenkirchen district railway station formed the operational hub, from two branches of routes opened up the rural and structurally weak Selfkant and a part of the Jülich country, with the northern part of the worm’s run. The operation of the railway was abandoned in stept in 1953 successively and 1973 entirely.

On a preserved piece of 5.5 km length between Schierwaldenrath
and Gil



lrath is todays museumline under the name Selfkantbahn.

Daf Museum dagen 2013 Eindhoven

Ligne 4 Paris Est – Troyes – Chaumont – Chalindrey – Vesoul – Belfort





This plus 400 kilometer line was the main Paris – Basel rail link before the TGV’s were introduced. Today its traffic is marginal. Operated mainly with the magnificent 4000 Hp CC72100 locomotives and BiBi diesel multiple units. The CC 72100 are expected to leave service in April 2014 and the Chalindrey depot and workshops are perhaps closed. Trains reach 160 km/h on parts of the line. In 2015 the whole line is expected to be electrified.