Utrecht the first generation trams on old Postcards

Utrecht had an electric city system GTU (Gemeentetram Utrecht) that stopped in 1939. And an electric interurban to Zeist operated by the NBM (Nederlandse Buurtspoorweg Maatschappij) that was forced to close down in 1949. In Utrecht was an NBM city line between Centraal Station and a terminal side track at F. C. Donderstraat. Old Postcards

Rotterdam trams 2009 – 2010

Tramway Photography and collection by BJ Cross

100 Year Overhead Collection



Randstadrail HTM

Randstadrail HTM Trial running

RET before 1985

Rotterdam RET tramways

Utrecht – Nieuwegein and IJsselstein interurban

75 years NVBS 1931 – 2006 Trams

Randstadrail RET Erasmuslijn

Amsterdam Tram musea and museum cars on city tracks

Now in April 2005 the museum trams are forced to leave the former Hoofdwerkplaats Tollensstraat & depot as the local politicians hired a project develloper to rebuild the building. Seven years later, all rails are gone, nothing happened to the building. Due to internal troubles one group went broke. Some 100 cars were bought by TS (Tramweg Stichting) double and some foreign cars will be sold or scrapped

EMA Electric tram Museum Amsterdam & line

Today the service is some 7 kilometer long between the former Haarlemmermeer station and Bovenkerk

Den Haag tramways

Den Haag museum tramways

NZH Blue tram museum specials

Stoomtram Hoorn / Medemblik

RTM museum Hellevoetsluis

RTM Ouddorp

Grote Marktstraat – ‘s Gravenhage

‘s Gravenhage is the stylish old name for Den Haag.  In the new tram tunnel I found out that funny clowns in securety uniforms forbid taking pictures! You need a HTM permit they cleam. I never have heard a more stupid remark. Even todays China is more friendly. The trick for would be phtographers is to avoide long senseless discussions; arrive by tram, get out and go into position. Then when the next car arrives take your photograph without flash and get into the just arrived car and leave. Gluck Auf.


Den Haag the PCC area