China along Ji Tong Rly


Zhanhe Forrestry Rly in 2001

Over 150 km in lenght starting in Zhanhe a 762 mm forrestry railroad daytime -35 – 30 and nights up to -51 C

Ganhe Forrestry Rly

Weihe Forrestry Rly in 2001

Right to the end this line had diesel and steam in operation.

Jiayang Power Company Rly at Shibanxi in 2000


The railway put three electrical locos, built in 6/2000 in October in service between the powerplant and the first station, so all steam operation with freight trains is finished. But the passengers remain steam. The area is more sensitive for gricers than last year, some enthusiasts here were denied to enter the area. But the staff is still very kindly. Beside the three electrical locos (0-4-0) they still have the dumped Mudanjang-diesels (two) and five C2 (three serviceable). Numbers later, after my arrival in Germany end of December.
text by; Bernd Seiler after our Nov 2000 visit to this line.


Changan in 2004

Tiefa Coal Mine Rly in 2002

Shanhetun Forrestry Rly in 2002

China August 2004

Although the main purpose was this time only seeing the Ji Tong railway Bernd Seiler took us (his little group off steamlovers) along long parts of the line outside the pass. It takes some long train and bus rides bud proved to be worthwhile.
I hope you enjoy seeing some of it. I am not pretending to be a very good photographer I just enjoy it to travell among diffrent lines and take pictures.

China 2000